Heavenly recipe, 6/30

I wish I could b like you
So spicy your taste blocks out those that can’t stand it
Or hack it
Jalepaño bursting
Eyes tearing

I wish I could b like you
Lingering on lips
Staining bodies
So you never forget
Changing personalities of all you are in contact with…

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Ride or die , 5/30

::I’ve been hid-ing Afraid I’ve let you down, inside I doubt That You still love me But in Your eyes, there’s only, grace now:: Here I am Mt olivet Feeling the spirit wind Around all the languages My thoughts surround and inundate how you away from me, they take “Whoever fall upon that stone shall […]

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hands, 4/30

…Forceful and feisty
Creating magic where there was dainty
Always ripe for connection
Producing poetry in our motion
Directing my path and direction
Although your mind was in constant deflection

Your hands
They spoke a language
You are still afraid to
A future reality
Never tainted by
what your mind
let seep through
If only the nerve endings were strong enough
To eliminate the hypothetical that ruined us…

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Bluebird , 3/30

I see you in the mountains
Heavily hued being
Chur-lee, Chur-lee
Boasting with your
Saturated wings and plumage
But bae
Your blues aren’t as sweet as mine

I perch
With fire alarm heart
Beating and pounding
Faster and faster as anxiety
Continues looming
Traveling down my breast
And lingering on my chest…

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