hands, 4/30

After much contemplating
The only thing
I will miss about you
Are your hands

Strong yet delicate
Scarred but smart
Understanding my make up
As a healing piece of art

Not afraid to become pressured
To break up my battle scars
Being patient with your faint of heart

Forceful and feisty
Creating magic where there was dainty
Always ripe for connection
Producing poetry in our motion
Directing my path and direction
Although your mind was in constant deflection

Your hands
They spoke a language
You are still afraid to
A future reality
Never tainted by
what your mind
let seep through
If only the nerve endings were strong enough
To eliminate the hypothetical that ruined us

Your hands
Created a dialect
That you were afraid to use
Not ready to settle
Because you, you were afraid to lose
Talking to her better than you ever could
You didn’t want to take the time to mettle
With her
But She was never judgemental

Your hands
Communicating our current truth
But now those stanzas I have to lose
We became uncouth
Despite nothing being loose

Now when we write together
My brooklyn will be jaded forever
Because your hands
Are attached to you
But no one else can depict my brooklyn so clever

As I try to finish all the unwritten lines of the you i once knew
Can you talk to your hands
So they can introduce you to the truth

~4. Apr. 15~

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