Heavenly recipe, 6/30

I wish I could b like you
So spicy your taste blocks out those that can’t stand it
Or hack it
Jalepaño bursting
Eyes tearing

I wish I could b like you
Lingering on lips
Staining bodies
So you never forget
Changing personalities of all you are in contact with

I wish I could be like you
Falling off bone
But still with powerful presence

But still
No matter how many years I have been marinated
I have to fight to be noticed
I have to have a ting tang
Just to be worth something
I have to water down my substance
In order to be digested
And understood

I know I’m saucy
But the flavor seems not to last
Evaporating the moment I leave the mic or room
I thought the past was in the past
My present continues to mirror the past
Experience should increase your respect
Not diminish your impact
Luckily my mission is bigger than ego
Bigger than dollars and cents
It is heaven sent
Divinely favored
The road less traveled
The pen less managed
Freedom given to the soul

I guess because I am not food
Everyone has the right to be rude
Let them be pepper
And i be salt
My words have longevity and take you to school
I patented my swag
You can’t script this walk


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