Healer, 2/30

He asked me to heal him
To be his cure for his tension
Minus all that is stress
And may overwhelm
He asked me to be his healer
But I never thought he was broken

He asked me
to reactivate his touch
To bring back his feeling
Because A black man living
Is a black man numb but ripe for surviving
Desiring Fingerprints scraped to prevent identifying
Soul separated
Finally free
No need for codeswitching….

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read, 1/30

You read me
Like the #1 book
On Ny times best seller list
Waiting in line
Reading fast but thorough
2nd time slow to make sure
Nothing you missed
To participate in thrilling discussion

You read me
Like the 10 commandments
following through
And adding intelligence
With respect and comprehension

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Happy 35th Birthday, Aaliyah…

I remember when I was in Jamaica just across the water when the plane crashed… I had to write something… a glimpse into my first few months as a poet. “baby gurl” (from “My Journey through poetry”, published 2010) baby gurl, we love you & miss you baby gurl, we know you’re watching us baby […]

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Goosies again

goosies! So i hit up Louder Arts and i was pleasantly surprised… i often dont get goosebumps when poets read or singers sing unless they are REALLY REALLY GOOD AND FANTABULOUS… but for both features i had goosebumps… Micheal lee and Jamila did their thang! So blessed by the stories they shared… i mean the […]

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