Bluebird , 3/30

I see you in the mountains
Heavily hued being
Chur-lee, Chur-lee
Boasting with your
Saturated wings and plumage
But bae
Your blues aren’t as sweet as mine

I perch
With fire alarm heart
Beating and pounding
Faster and faster as anxiety
Continues looming
Traveling down my breast
And lingering on my chest

I watch as injustices compound
Enticing me to venture south
Or lower my standards
Closer to the spiders
On my food chain
But my song rings out
Chur-lee Chur-lee
So loud

I find strength in the trees
Los árboles y el sol
Los reyes tiene fuerza diferentes que tu
Sólo por yo
Soy el timbre de México
Soy el azul de Honduras
Despite how much green
I lose to you
I fight for each penny
And God increases its magnitude

But i always feel surrounded by the Rockies
You stay taking
advantage of my loyalty
The 80/20 difference
I pray for you to feel
You have no problem ruffling my plumage
And the flashbacks
Swoop in and pounce
On me like prey

The 7,000 feet was a meager distance
For pain to show its presence
No matter how hard I try and shake it
The dissention stays
15 days
Past its welcome
21 more days to incubate
The next suicide inclinate

Only God lifts clouds every spring and summer
The reoccurences
Are less frequent

Your blues aren’t as sweet as mine
Let you eat my fruit
Enjoy my song
As it lasts days long
So you become scarce along with the food
And migrate
Leaving my spirit
My demeanor to be popular
That you can never forget my swag
Finding permanence
In parks and with the backyard gang

Don’t forget
Let me remind
Your blues aren’t as sweet as mine


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