Substance Free Creativity, 17/30

sex, drugs, and rock & roll
why does this threesum always exist
to create the sickest and illest cacophony on the art scene
when i don’t need assistance being me
i create my existance
through phrases, lines and stanzas
notes,treble & bass
only accompany
my greatness
drugs never sleep with my creative
alcohol is a bonus additive
Vino the true device
to take me down
shut off the synapses
close the eyes
opening the soul
making dreams my new reality

a substance free creativity
so easy in my being
i allow it as heavenly message delivery
substance free imaginative streak
why is that so hard to strive to achieve
when did it become strange to see
sex and rock & roll with the Lucies and spliffs
Drugs & creative consciousness
Such a common partnership
I begin to wonder
if creativity was never God’s gift
But a seed to be watered
by temple damaging magic pills
liquids that get you lifted…

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No woman, No Cry, 11/30

Due to the sensitive nature of this piece, I will only be posting a snippet of it. To see the whole piece, Order your copy of “Devil’s Music” in 2016.

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Suicidal Ideation, 10/30

when you said
i should be more like her
you voiced me dead
it never marinated in my brain
it just muffled around my head

my spirit began questioning
and quelling
its essence
i began to feel nonexistent
as my presence
was never good enough
never good enough for its own space
for its own stage

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autumn headdress, 7/30

Dear woman with autumn in your hair,

Did you die your locs
For the freedom
Of the leaves in autumn…

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