Happy 35th Birthday, Aaliyah…

I remember when I was in Jamaica just across the water when the plane crashed… I had to write something… a glimpse into my first few months as a poet.

“baby gurl” (from “My Journey through poetry”, published 2010)

happy birthday aaliyah

baby gurl, we love you & miss you
baby gurl, we know you’re watching us
baby gurl, you were at the pinnacle
but God, almighty God wanted you as His success
aaliyah dana haughton, the most missed in the music and movie industry
a name with a nice ring to it
lost and the world shocked
baby gurl, people are trying to forget you
but your fans and extended family
will die before that happens
let your shining star shine down upon us
say hi to my relatives for me, thanks bunches
ja, missy, tim, ginuwine, damon, the list goes on and on… all miss you
you’re gone too soon but you can’t mess wit’ God
so we’ll see you soon, baby gurl
holla back soon  baby gurl

[8 nov 2001]

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