Substance Free Creativity, 17/30

sex, drugs, and rock & roll
why does this threesum always exist
to create the sickest and illest cacophony on the art scene
when i don’t need assistance being me
i create my existance
through phrases, lines and stanzas
notes,treble & bass
only accompany
my greatness
drugs never sleep with my creative
alcohol is a bonus additive
Vino the true device
to take me down
shut off the synapses
close the eyes
opening the soul
making dreams my new reality

a substance free creativity
so easy in my being
i allow it as heavenly message delivery
substance free imaginative streak
why is that so hard to strive to achieve
when did it become strange to see
sex and rock & roll with the Lucies and spliffs
Drugs & creative consciousness
Such a common partnership
I begin to wonder
if creativity was never God’s gift
But a seed to be watered
by temple damaging magic pills
liquids that get you lifted
and awkward concoctions
to get you wired

i thrive
in substance free creativity
haze is not what my bars crave
chemicals are not what i need
to make my trills and runs stay
in your ears to marinate

all i need
a god given message
a heart for delivery
a mode and method for my soul to speak
and lines on a page that are not afraid to get dirty

is my free flowing proclivity
for poet speak
such a rarity
i have become the minority
the naturally unnatural of mercenaries
called to bring peace and harmony
to the country
destined to succeed in world unity
completely substance free
while dispersing my projects
for all to eat and digest
resulting in a changed mission and personality
to be change we want to see
exude the positivity
our youth yearns to be
so our legacy
stretches form sea to sea
hilltop to mountain peak
resting when all are unafraid to accomplish their dreams
listening to their souls preach
through unadulterated creativity
tell me you see a possibility?
Nothing is impossible when you believe


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