Words: Hip-Hop & Poetry

It’s a late Saturday night and I am at the Nuyorican finally after going up to go down on the NYC trains because of construction and track work. Here I am thinking I am late when they haven’t even started. It started an hour after the listed event time… I run into a Columbia classmate, I find my friend who was meeting me there… it all seemed good…
I enjoyed some of the Hip Hop, not all… but I am picky so that is normal. I like old school message music type Hip Hop. I was digging Tang Sauce with his breaking and trumpet and his hip-hop; Jay Vegas with his therapeutic poetry (obviously… because of ); RapOet aka Self Suffice with his everything… his swag and his performance. I also liked the Red headed guy and the girl that hosts “Eargasms” but I don’t remember their names.. but after that things got a little impatient for me…

I like Hip Hop but I cannot stand when your songs don’t really have substance but what you talk about after your set is done is really deep and meaningful. Be 100% all the time… not 50% because you think it won’t be liked or make money… Come on People! That really pissed me off and soured the rest of the night until the open mic.

I don’t know if I’d be back because of my sentiment about being Real and the fact that it started so late.. But I will give them another shot.. I’ll check out the Wednesday show when my schedule frees up.. but no guarantee.

100% real, 100% of the time,
Simone Nikkole pka Azucar

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