Welcome Back 2 Moca!

So I returned to Moca after a brief hiatus to a great welcoming back. But I was truly not prepared for what I was coming into. Thirsty had written a poem about me and performed it in front of everyone. If any of you have heard about Thirsty, you would know how I was feeling… so embarrassing! Normally you would be flattered right… No not me! JP Justice totally ran with it so I buried my face in my hands and deflected it the only way I knew how.. through poetry…. I read some other poetry getting some anger out towards another person in my life who needed to be shut down. “Property” was a great poem to release all of this anger and I felt a lot of women related to it. Thanks for flowing with me.

Next time I go to Moca in two weeks, I will be back to my main form and it will be THE ANNIVERSARY OF “MY JOURNEY THROUGH POETRY” AND THE FORMATION OF Sí.NIK PRODUCTIONS! Party planning is in the works for after the holidays… check back here for more information after New Years!
Poetically Blessed,
Simone Nikkole

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