Simone Nikkole in the R-O-C!

So I finally made it to Rochester after missing my first flight. After enjoying a weekend with the Ladies and my fraternity, it was time to get down to business. I was able to put some of my books in the bookstore by Global Village called Shop One! So all of my Rochester readers, please visit Shop One for your copy.

Afterward, I set up for my book signing and reading at Java Wally’s. I appreciate those that attended and enjoyed the company of my professor and magazine supervisor. The questions from the audience was great and thought provocking. I was overjoyed that I got to meet up with another Sí.Nik artist, Carlos Valentin. It is always refreshing to talk to and fellowship with other aficionados of the written and spoken word. It was great to be back where everything began to get serious; I really nourished my love for the art of poetry within the walls of the College of Liberal Arts and the halls of Unity House and the Student Union. I enjoyed my time so much so that I am planning on a another trip in February for another book signing and am adding a performance to Unity House’s “Tribute.” I have so much memories from U-House… check out the Jackson 5!

Rochester, see you soon,
Simone Nikkole

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