Sept 30 in 30 is complete

So i started the challenge from Mariel Pauline on Sept 5th and i was worried that i won’t be able to catch up… it is now Sept 30th and i completed the 30 poems in 30 days. I actually wrote 32 poems in 30 days!

It took: 2 prompts, 6 guys, 2 fights with my mother, 1 heavenly father, 1 fallen angel, 30 days observing NYC subways, 1 historic day, 1 challenging concept, 3 future propositions, and 1 forgetful parent moment (“dissent of a college grad” will b tweeted tonight) to lead to 33 poems in 30 days!

1. Sazón Sensitivity
2.Open Your Mind
3. Forever Praise
4. Armas Malas
5. Heavyweight
6. Declaration
7. Our Song
8. Bitter taste
9. Lesson plan
10. Reverence
11. Mayday
12. Mixed Dreams
13. Honey bunches of sidepiece smoke
14. Nuestro Rincón
15. Sauvemente besame
16. Accept me
17. Enamorada
18. 6th sense
19. Just a Friend
20. Epiphany
21. Giddy confusion
22. Other half
23. Addicted
24. Reverb
25. The final 2
26. Short end of stick
27. Muted Mind
28. Smooth Criminal
29. Oxymoronic & ironic
30. Dissent of a college grad

Tomorrow the snippets will go live in one webpage

Poetically blessed,

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