Replenishing Rain in the Park

So last night was “Azúcar @ Park 33 ” and the rain just kept on coming… it died down as we reached the venue…For some reason me and the weather have a love hate relationship. There is always something going on that thins the crowd… first it was snow when i had to reschedule my Brooklyn show and now it’s rain and thunderstorms. But how i have to look at it is..Those that are supposed to be here are here and those that aren’t most definitely are missing out on a blessing!

Giving you a little play by play…

the line up:
* Mingle & Arrival
*Simone Nikkole- intro
* Mocha (butter)Fly
* Simone Nikkole – Reading from “My Journey through Poetry”
*Azúcar – previewing “T.O. Love, Azúcar”
*Dana Reeves
*Mingle & Booksigning

Mocha (butter)Fly read from her upcoming book, “The Reality of Mocha (butter)Fly” . More about Mocha (butter)Fly on the Inspire Your Mind Blog or the staff section of Si.Nik Productions website

I read 5 pieces from each book and 3 pieces from another upcoming project, “ACE, 123 and Everyting Inbetween”.

Simone Nikkole set from “My Journey through Poetry” :

~ Keep Tryin’ ~
~ Unloved ~
~ All 4 Love ~
~ Hold Me ~

Azúcar set from “T.O. Love, Azúcar”:

~ (Love) Sick ~
~ Triangle ~
~ I Hate that I Love You ~
~ Evaporate ~
~ Marriage License ~

Extreme preview of “ACE,123 and Everyting Inbetween” :

~ Zebra siting ~
~ Chivalry is Dead ~
~ Unfortunate ~

Josh came on cue as Mocha (butter)Fly introduced him. He read two pieces. After talking to him, he wants to join the Sí.Nik Productions family… check out the Inspire Your Mind Blog soon for an introduction to him!

Dana Reeves also came. He told me he come straight from Delaware! Delaware! That really is support. I love him for that! He told everyone about what he does and his events. I love driven people like him!

Last night was such a great night even though we were few in #. You gotta learn to do you despite what Satan and the world try and throw at you.

Happily living her purpose,
Simone Nikkole pka Azúcar

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  1. anthony Says:

    It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed it alot. you have alot going for you,
    keep up the great work

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