Private moment in a public space

So tonight was my 2nd time at the Shrine and “The Gathering” . I fully got my praise on. This is the prefect place to get a battery recharged for the rest of the week. I was so blessed to hear new performers like Meaghan and Chris kill it.

When God gives you a gift and you humbly discover it,  the journey to share it is such a special touching life altering experience. For some it happens on stage after much encouragement from others. Your private moment in a public place!

To go along with that feeling I performed new ink from that morning after reading a devotional called “Divine Creation”. I literally finished on the train ride over to the Shrine. My first poem incorporating bible verses! So excited for poetic growth. So we “He Spoke” is fully penned Watch out World!

Embracing my journey!
Simone Nikkole aka Azúcar

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