Only at Moca!

Man oh man…. why do I keep going back to Moca’s? I know what I am gonna get… i’mma be uncomfortable for a few minutes and then people are going to kill the mic with verbal artistry very sensuously or erotically… sometimes the raunchiness creeps in but I can find beauty in everything.. RIGHT? Tuesday though I was pleasantly surprised… I often leave early because I usually have papers or client notes to write for class (yes, I still go to school folks… Grad school at Columbia University…) so I miss these guys but I am glad that the order switched up tonight… D-Black and Eric were crazy! I was like thank the Lord I hear some diversity.. some heavy things being spit… some knowledge being dropped on the Moca stage… it was so refreshing to hear them, I yelled at Mac for keeping them from me…usually after I left, they would perform…

Poetically blessed and greatful for inspiration,
Simone Nikkole

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