Judging the Nuyorican Poets

So Friday night i was fortunate enough to be a judge at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in preparing the 2012 slam team for competition in Charlotte today. I had soo much fun for an impromptu decision to trek all the way to E. 3rd across from “Brisas del caribe” garden.

Mahogany Browne is a dope host ya’ll. You gotta check her out!

Falu and Jamaal were my favorites. Their flow, poetic development/movement throughout the poem, subject matter, and cadence delivery had me going crazy. You do not know how many times i dropped my marker cap (it wasn’t staying on the back anyway)

Rico and Sing touched me in a different way… i felt there pain and disgust with the world. Especially i’ve heard “it’s not you it’s me” so many times and i used to work in a classroom.

This youngn McPhearson! All i can say is Gma what’s really good… and Tupac, your hologram speaks! Although i got lost a few times because i wasn’t digesting his stanzas quick enough, he’s good. However, i can’t get wit the Spatula man! I just can’t. When he comes back he must explain!

After two rounds, Jamaal won and the faithful few (myself and Lady Eclectic included) had a one round open mic. I read some NuInk called “i wish”.

Always inspired,
Simone Nikkole pka Azúcar

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