So i went to the nuyorican last night to support Latinos NYC… Advocate of Words and Rainmaker had me homesick.

Advocate of words blessed my heart reminding me of the enticing rhtymn and love beat of Salsa… making me wish i had my own salsero.

Rainmaker performed an awesome piece about his Grandmother… i could envision the sandy and clear Jamaican beaches as i enjoy my mangoes and my ginep. I miss savoring ocho rios and getting lost in the waterfalls and canopies of fern gully. I cherish the lessons o get from grandma and others no matter how strong their broken patois is..

Raul is Raul… doing his own thing and captivating the audience with his every movement,  every syllable. I pray one day i can have that same command.

I love being around likeminded people who have big hearts… it helps remind me that i do belong in this sometimes cold world….

Sharing warmth with the world after being inspired,
Simone Nikkole aka Azúcar

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