Happy birthday to Me!

25 years ago today God defied the Drs and brought me into this world to soar and change it. For this day only will you get full new ink.


Rewind to october of 1987
Entered the world before my time
No one was ever ready for my shine
Drs tried to slow me down
But no one could stop God’s wild ride

So not to my surprise
Fast forward to september 2000
Was i entertainment for popular eyes
Commenting & criticizing every step of my stride
i was a skinny glasses wearing brainiac
wit a limp always under attack
Because her mother who couldn’t dress her
Always in pink purple and pleather
Had to talk tough or
bullying so rough
would have done more damage than it had

3 yrs pass
No one let up
they thought they were gassed
Talkin bout my braids were the only thing that made me black
Oreo walkin down the hall happy to be loving math
Praying that their stings wouldn’t last
Daily penning a book so the pain stayed in tha past
Hoping that the words would give other victims some strength self love pride and undeniable class
Head high above the rest

Fast forward 7 years
The book hit the book fairs
And the book store glass
Nook and kindle upgraded stats
All the bullies making food fast
While i have a masters degree with ivy lion sass

Now i’m a sexy beautiful bombshell with spitfire words
Who turned can’t into cans
And dreams into plans
Who turned bullies into haters
And inspiration into Saviors
My happiness and peace came later
Only to make my story so much greater

So i hope u have a sweet tooth
Because my Azúcar never runs out
Esa negra tiene tumboa
Join me on the next ride to pen my historia down
This Afro-cubana is proud
This Jamaican princess is strong
Standing out in the crowd
Changin the world no matter how long
This modern day mami chula is full of dulce de leche
Spread the word around
No more shy girl
This is a fly girl
Metamorphosis still working to be finished
But herself she has found
Ready for a new world order now


I hope you liked it and the piece inspired you to be all you can be. That’s my birthday wish for all of my readers,MY FAMILY today

Don’t let down the birthday girl!
Love is a never ending circle that grows with each passing year. SPREAD LOVE & LIFE TODAY ,

Simone Nikkole aka Azúcar

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2 Responses to “Happy birthday to Me!”

  1. Calgary Says:

    Simone this is so good! let us know when your next open mic night is so we can go show some love <3 -hannah and Cal

  2. Simone Nikkole Says:

    Check out tha events tab… but i will be going to 1 on 1 Monday 10/29 bc they havin a holloween party & open mic! This is a just added event…

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