CMD Takeover

So the curly fry laughing,  David Rey Martinez featured tonight at 116… i was laughing at his ridiculousness! We had such a great time especially when Trixze and David performed Juicy (no David WASNT Biggie). 

Everyone was great tonight, the vibe was crazy. Just take my word for it…. if you been sleeping under a rock and haven’t heard about the Inspired Word NYC movement…. get up and get moving! You are missing some great comedy, storytelling, poetry, spoken word, and rap! A smorgasbord of spectacular-ness!

I performed “Dulce de Leche (meets Chocolate)” to salute David’s alter ego Curtis Lipdown…since it was his post birthday party… all roads led back to David..

I was gonna do a poem for Vigo since he featured too! But time wasn’t on my side… sorry Vigo! Next time i promise. Vigo performed and killed it.. he does “go hard”! If you were there you would know!

Pierre scared me a bit with his “smile at me and you’ll get pregnant” joke and he looked right at me after… DUDE! IM NOT TRYNA HAVE THAT NOW! Lol!

Storm killed it and sang her “hips” off! See again….if you were there! I love her in your face style poetry! She energizes me everytime i am blessed to see her perform…

The other members of david’s group CMD Comedy were heckling him all night! I loved it.. finally someone can deflect post performance heat off me… Chad and Marlena were awesome!

Totally inspired by the words,
Simone Nikkole aka Azúcar

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