Wine & Pasta

You add wine and pasta, you get interesting conversations and great food. The line up:

~ Pinot Grigio & Fettacini Alfredo
~ Merlot & Pasta bergonaise
~ White Zinfandel & some vegetable pasta (didn’t like it… blocked the name out… lol)
~ Port wine & fried dessert ravoli

I loved the first two pastas, hated the merlot ( like everyone at my table), and loved the White Zinfandel (its one the list of drinks i drink… i rarely deviate). I didn’t have the Port Wine because the gracious waiter did not give it to me because i was driving home… Thank God because it was raining animals once i got closer home and i couldn’t see! Anyway… the fried ravioli was like “I will work for food!” So i enjoyed the gelato on the side and the chocolate covered berries….

It was nice seeing Rachelle again and networking with people. But i am really surprised that people really need so much CP time to get an event full. I couldn’t believe it. An hour and 45 min late cushion! Come on people we have to be better than that! Especially for a classy event…

Sippin’ some zinfandel,
Simone Nikkole aka Azúcar

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